Lecture- Objective "The Want"

"Whaddya Want? ...Huh?"

Definition of an objective:
The objective is:

- The conscious intent of the character.
Should be simple
- An active phrase-  starting with the word "to".
- In the character's words- limited to his/her own background and education.

Your body should behave in the character!

Purpose of objective for the actor:
- To help get them out of their heads. (Away from thinking of themselves)
- To identify something you can do something about. (not just philosophical)
- To create an organic and justified action (or tactic) to do for that beat
- To serve the super-objective, the scene, the script


Picking Your Objective
There's no one correct answer when you're looking for the objective.
Pick the one that:
- Seems best for the character
- One that gets you "doing" something
- Helps tell the story
- Helps move the plot along
- Adds clarity for the audience
In the end, it can't look like acting!

The objective must always
be difficult to attain. 

The harder the objective is to accomplish, the better it is to act.

Example: It's no good to choose an objective "to escape" if the door is unlocked and unguarded.

Plays and films are about people 
struggling to accomplish things!

Difficulty: the fuel that lights our acting fires!

NOTE: When the characters have goals that are easy to attain, or if they give up trying, the audience loses interest in them.

Look for conflict:

- Between people
- Inside the characters themselves
- Between nature and man
- Against a group
- Against the gods! (go greek!)

The more conflict, the harder it is to reach the objective! WE WANT A STRUGGLE!

NOTE: The greater the struggle, the more the excitement. The larger the risk, the greater the suspense

Stay fixed on what the character is thinking, then we can't lie as actors!

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