Scene Work Intro

Advanced Drama 

"Building a Scene"

        DAY 1

       Activity: BUILD A SCENE -Improv Game: "Four Corners”
        Students should divide the group into four actors and assign one corner of the scene to each actor.           
       THE FOUR CORNERS OF THE SCENE (to build a complete story)
       1.) location 
       2.) relationship 
       3.) conflict 
       4.) resolution  
      Each actor enters the scene and adds to it once the actor before them makes it clear what they have added.

BREAK OUT: "Theater Productions" students go to the library and cut a short scene from a one act  – develop, type, print off scripts for tomorrow. Prepared for in class performance.

      DAY 2

      Review – (Drama I concepts) – mini lecture on the terms and then a quick example of “raisin the stakes” to make the scene more interesting and more important.

      Students are given an example of each in a scenario demonstrated by the instructor.
      example: A person is hungry 
     (Objective: "I want a cheeseburger...or I'll die of hunger!")
      That same person sees someone on a park bench with a hot'n fresh cheeseburger
      (Hurdle: The man that is about to eat the cheeseburger is a very big muscle man and he looks mad)
      (Tactic: Run over and take the burger and then run away!)

       Lesson Objective: students will show that they are able to create and perform a scene that has their character working toward an objective (the want), hitting an obstacle (the hurdle), and coming up with a tactic (the strategy) to get what they want.

         1.) Students get into small groups or pairs 
         2.) They are given a "want" for the group (they must share the same want) 
         3.) Students then come up with a scene 
         4.) Each student is to try and play their own tactic (each of them will try to get the want).


      Activity: PERFORMANCE -  ALL of the scenes are performed in front of the class

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